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First, are you searching to buy dime industries candy cane full gram carts online? Browse our shop page for the best Dime Industries cart flavors at the best dime industries price. Our first limited edition flavor we want to make you feel like you’re sipping Christmas in front of a warm fire.  With a mix of light peppermint flavor and sweet cream this Candy Cane flavor is a refreshing take on our Dime Line Up.

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Next, candy Cane is a 70% indica strain from Crop King Seeds that combines AK-47, Mango, and White Widow genetics. Its sour, fruity taste is followed by long-lasting, euphoric effects that combat stress and tension. In conclusion, candy Cane autoflowers in 7 weeks and produces moderately high yields in both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Average THC levels range between 15%-20%. After consumption, the consumer will feel an increase in energy and an uplift of the spirits. Motivation will increase, and it will be easy to complete the tasks set forth for the day. Because of this, Candy Cane, though indica, can be consumed throughout the day and some consider it a good wake-and-bake strain. The simultaneous body high that feels relief all pain and stresses throughout the muscles.

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